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14 June 2010 @ 10:11 pm
(Posted this on facebook too)

Alright, so I'm gonna ramble a bit forgive me, just want to get stuff down.

Well I am officially a Senior in High School now, I have finally finished my Jr. year which was a lot easier than I expected it to be which was very nice.
I am also now SkillsUSA Pennsylvania President, which is giving me a lot more responsibility since now I have to run meetings and such with the other officers and need to keep on top of everything so I can keep my position (Scholarships!!!! >D) So that's gonna make my Senior year a bit more hectic but that's alright, it's Senior year! xD

I'm really looking in to different colleges now, I would love to go to Temple but now my family is saying that I could probably get into other really good schools depending on my scholarships and such that I get, even though I just want to go for Art Education my teacher and family are really hounding down on me to look at a bunch of schools. Haha

Well now besides all that school and evil work stuff, now to ramble on about other things::

This year I'm missing AnimeNext because of a SkillsUSA event which is gonna be 10 days long in Kansas City....How fun.... so it really sucks cause I was really looking forward to AnimeNext since I haven't been to a convention since Katsucon....so now all of this means that my next convention isn't until Otakon which is late July!

I mean it gives me time to work on things, but I'm still upset since I want to see all of my friends that I only get to see during cons really!
O it's gonna suck being in Kansas, but I'll post videos and pictures up (or at least try to if I'm not super tired) every night!

Anyway, besides me missing AnimeNext (And you all better take photos and such!!) I'm really excited for Otakon, not sure exactly what I'm going to cosplay but I am excited for it, this year I'll be 17 for Otakon. I'm one year away from being legal to buy Yaoi! Hurray!! <3 So exciting man!!

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17 February 2010 @ 04:29 pm
So I didn't forget about livejournal for once. So to show all the lovely random photos (still dont have that many, maybe a hunderd photos, and most are of One Piece) I have decided to create an extra Photobucket account that I will deticate to just convention photos, so I can be a bit more organized. So with this, here's a lovely link to the photos if anyone wants to look at them in case you dont have my facebook. <333


And just a quick shout out to all of you!! (You know who you are)

15 February 2010 @ 09:49 pm
So Katsucon was super awesome....but super short feeling! I can't believe how fast it went by, it was like...BAM IM DONE!!!!
So anyway, had a ton of fun with Fuu, Luci, Margie, Jared, my mom, and all the others out there. I loved hanging out with everyone, it was lots of fun!!!! Had some great adventures with cosplay Durarara which I didn't know anything about until now when I finally watched it (man, it's so awesome), also lots of fun with One Piece, Basara (I loved how so many people got excited about our cosplays!), Reborn! and Soul Eater. Trading costumes for SE was really fun, I think I was the one to get majorly confused, always mistaking Fuu and Luci for eachother since we switched. Being Kidd-kun though is so randomly fun :D I had such great fun times in cosplay; of course though One Piece photoshot was the best one there, OP cosplayers = AWESOME FUN NESS!! xD

Anyway, more pictures to come up later...maybe....if I ever remember, I'll post them to facebook def. just hope I don't forget about LIvejournal here again like I do alot!

28 September 2009 @ 08:01 pm
I'm gonna post the same note on Facebook and Livejournal...just cause...that's what I want to do xD

Anyway though,
It's September already, its the end of September actually, school has already started, I'm a Junior in high school finally. Math is difficult of course, and I have my SAT's coming up soonish, sometime in October I think is the first SAT's I take....how fun. Well either way, I can study for those I guess, a bit, since New York Anime Festival is over, and that leads me into talking about NYAF...

NYAF was actually a lot of fun this year, Friday we got to NYC after driving up, thanks to a friend giving us a ride up. We cosplayed from Haruhi Suzumiya first, it was actually quiet a lot of fun, just walking around in that school girl outfit, Fuu being Genderbend-Yuki (<33), Luci being Itsuki and Cesar Kyon while I was Haruhi. I've always wanted to wear one of the outfits, but I never bought one, so it was actually quiet fun for me, and it's all thanks to Fuu for letting me borrow her outfit <3. I'm really thankful cause even though we didn't do much, we did get to just joke around and chill at the con and be all cool like, haha. After that Fuu and I got into Soul Eater, Yay for Patty and Kid. Haha, it was fun, and these random girls, one was cosplay Crona came up to us and idk it was a bit weird with them with their weird ideas that they wanted to do, but they never happened so xD.
Saturday though, was the best fricken time ever. I absolutely loved our Acrobelano group, just fricken amazing. I was so happy that people would like run up to us, freaking out about who we were, all excited and what not. It made me really happy, I felt really sucsessful, like we were actually a super kick ass-awesome cosplay group, even if it was four of us out of our group, it was just so awesome to walk around and chill, have fun in that almost always empty area on the lowest floor, it was so fun. I really enjoyed it, and I'm so glad we got photo's taken. That group, just made me feel so happy, I haven't felt that kind of happy about a group cosplay for a few cons now...so I'm really happy. <333
Saturday was just amazing, and Sunday was fun to, walking around and chilling in Hetalia. I got to debut my Korea, which was fun, though my pants ripped so I have to fix them. But it was fun, we even went to a Hetalia photoshoot in a way...fans are crazy, but I was with my Fuu and Luci, and some of the others, so it was all good <3333

NYAF was fun, and I feel like, I got to talk a lot with Fuu at the con, I actually felt really relax that I was able to talk about some stuff with her while we were just chillin in our down time, it was awesome. Fuu and Luci are the greatest, I specially loved our girl time with talking when we slept over Luci's house (WHICH WAS FRICKEN AWESOME BY THE WAY XD)

So now, I really can't wait, we've come up with some new ideas for things and such, and I feel like since I've first met Fuu, I've changed a lot, like I have grown more mature over the few years, and this changing is always so good, it's a good change. I'm just so happy to have such an awesome best friend, and not to mention I have awesome other best friends as well (Luci, Margie <3). You three are just amazing, I love you so much.

So yeah, now NYAF is over, I had quiet a lot of fun, it was nice since school has been evil with homework and such, and I really can't wait for the next convention. I'm also attempting to get a job again, and I plan on getting one..I need money!!!!! xD

But yeah, for now, for my future, I have planned out these few things/goals::
-Hang out with Fuu
-Get a Job
-Go to Conventions
-Work on my art (I'm working hard with photoshop, so one day, you will see me in the artist alley >D)

And of course graduate school and go off to Temple and such, but that's further off, for now I'm just gonna keep on going, hanging out with Fuu, doing my best to make money and get a job to go off to conventions and go on trips.

And one more note to finish off this thing, over the weekend, I had talked to a few friends about a few things, and it really made me realize, how I feel like one of the people, whom I had befriended and was so happy to be close to, seems to only care for their-self and recently (well for a good few months....ok a good long while) has been really making me madder and madder, I just really wish they would see how much it hurts to feel like you're just second place to them....

but I know even if that person continues like that, I have all of my other friends to be with me, so I know they know who they are, and I love them very much <333

So that's basically all for now...
06 September 2009 @ 05:18 pm
I wanted to make a post
just on this new icon

that the wonderful
made for me :'D

It's just
amazingly, sexy-epic-awesomeness TO THE EXTREME

I loves it

if I could I would frame it....


okies, so I LOVE YOU LUCI!!

and just cause its me, I LOVE YOU FUU!!! (margie...too...xD kidding, ILU margie)

but thats all I needed to say....

3318 <3333333333333333333333333

14 July 2009 @ 03:42 pm
so, I'm stressing a bit...
I have to finish Black*Star, and I don't have much time....
but I know if I work on it tonight and tomorrow I'll be alright,
though I have to study for my permit test tomorrow as well!
Yay for turning 16!!

But I'm ultra excited for Otakon :'D
28 June 2009 @ 04:51 pm
Sorry guys, another little rant....

So since my little brother is Bipolar, he has therapist that comes every Sunday.
So today my mom made me come home early from Fuu's house, around noonish, so I can help her clean the house again,
since my baby cousins were over yesterday and they made a mess of the place. And I understand cause my mom is being abused at work basically, and her arm has really been hurting her, so I do want to help out, though it gets annoying...but on to the real story.
So I get in the door and start helping cleaning up little by little, helping with dishes and other things, and my little brother's therapist comes in and sits down with Tristan and starts talking to him, and well, like always she brings up the topic of how my little brother feels about our Brother-Sister relationship.

It's summer, so I watch him Monday-Friday while my parents are at work, so I'm with him a lot more then I usually am, so well Tristan goes on to tell her how he feels, most of it is positive, but of course he talks about how we do get into small fights, but all siblings do...they all argue and play around, wrestle a bit...its normal right. So well anyway, after talking to Tristan, she pulls my mom aside, so I'm stuck cleaning, then once they are done, my mom comes back to help me, so that way I have to leave her when the therapist asks to talk to me.

Mind the fact that I already hate her guts, and I think she has it out for me....

So then we get into talking, and one of the first things she says to me is, "I think you need to spend more time with your younger brother...I understand you are a teenager and all and want to hang out with your friends, but you need to spend time with your brother as well, he is bipolar and needs you with him a lot, its your duty...."

WHAT THE FUCK!! Ok...I'm a teenager yeah, and I like hanging out with my friends....but when do I get to hang out with them? BASICALLY ONLY ON THE WEEKENDS!! I WATCH FRICKEN TRISTAN MONDAY-FRIDAY FROM 7am to 4-5pm!!!
He can handle himself at times ok....we're not gonna help him in any way if we treat him specially, he needs to learn!!!!! HE ISN'T GOING TO GET HIS WAY ALL THE TIME LIKE YOU WANT YOU FRICKEN RETARTED THERAPIST!!!!!

gah....she makes me so mad, but of course I didn't yell, though I did tell her all of that stuff, just in a nicer way....so then, she's a bit angry with me for not just going "O yeah, you're right..." like the rest of my family does....
So then she talks to my mom again, and after that says her goodbyes then leaves, so then I'm like "Yay, she's gone...." But then my mom goes and says "Maybe she's kind of right...."
I hate when my mom agrees with that dumb therapist.....

But now I'm really pissed off at her....

I'm very angry right now.....
and I needed to let some of it out.....
Alright, so first with a little rant....
I'm really pissed off at a guy in The Philly Otaku, just he's a super like play boy and even though he has a girlfriend he goes off and flirts with other girls!! And the other day he was being immature (as well as I was, but not as bad as he was (not that I think...)), but I told him I was reading One Piece, and then he goes and like curses One Piece out, saying how its shit and stuff, and it really really got me pissed off...then over the weekend while I was at a party he was there, and he was using every excuse he could find to talk to me I think....it was really annoying....but yeah, I'm really pissed off at him, and he needs to just like....find a girl and stay loyal to her....gah....
And well besides that, there is the usual other guy that makes me mad to, but he's been good, though someone close to him, I don't like....
but yeah.....


I'm really excited, but of course I have cosplay to work on!

I've been working on Black*Star from Soul Eater, and I have part of Nami from One Piece done...I'm trying to work on Doll from Kuroshitsuji though I don't know if I'll have her done, but I want to try, though if I know I'm not gonna be able to finish her, I don't want to rush it...though I really would like to debut her there...but yeah....
I also have to work on Kohori Kazuki from Lovely complex, I think I'm gonna do his school uniform...I don't know xD

but yeah....
anyway...that's it for now <3
15 June 2009 @ 11:13 pm
AnimeNext was super super fun! I had such a great time there with everyone :'D
And now....OTAKON IS COMING!!! YAHOO!!!!
I gotz cosplay to work on...no time to spare!!!
So even though I should probably write a bit about AnimeNext, I need a bit of help!!!

I need to figure out what colors I should use to make Doll from Kuroshitsuji!!!
I don't know what colors to use for the roses or for her dress, collar and sleeves...I'm trying to figure it out...Pink?
But if you guys have any ideas on colors and such!!
Please! Please! Please! tell me :'D
09 June 2009 @ 12:15 pm

I'm so relieved, I even did really well on my Finals....I'm so happy....
I'm like....super happy!!
O how I love ending the school year!!